about us

Professional speaker manufacturer

LA CLUB AUDIO, Chinese name is Laka.  It had started in 1958 and had been headquartered in Canada. After years of development, it has become a world-renowned manufacturer of professional speaker field performances and fixed installation sound systems.

The loudspeakers which developed by LA CLUB AUDIO have excellent performance and high reliability and enjoy a high reputation all over the world.  Adopt innovative design technology and strict production process. Such as 3D modeling technology, finite element analysis virtual simulation technology, computer-aided design, rapid prototyping technology, etc. A comprehensive product catalog Covering professional audio equipment for a variety of applications has made LACLUBAUDIO the world's elite.

LA CLUB AUDIO had began to enter the Chinese market in 2020. According to the unique bar elements in China, it has designed and created a series of entertainment audio products that cater to the preferences of Chinese and Asian audiences and Audio products for Asian hearing effects by sourcing the western sound acoustic technology.