Professional Effects

1. This series of products is a karaoke effect device with speaker processor function, and each part of the function can be adjusted independently.

2. Adopt 24Bit data bus and 32Bit DSP.

3. The MUSIC input channel is equipped with 15-segment parametric equalization, with high and low pass adjustment, a variety of slopes can be selected, and the modulation function Yes, the parameter equalization of the input left and right channels can be independently adjusted or jointly adjusted. The machine has a USB sound card function, which can play the music in the computer through the USB cable of the machine, and each channel has a spectrum display.

4. 2 groups of MIC input, MIC1 is group A, MIC2 is group B, 15-segment parametric EQ for front and rear microphones is independently adjusted Each group has high- and low-pass adjustment, a variety of slopes can be selected, and an open microphone noise gate. Users can freely choose the microphone channel with the function of transposition.

5. The main output, center output, rear output and subwoofer output are all equipped with 10-segment parametric equalization, and the high and low pass can be adjusted. With arbitrary adjustment, a variety of slopes can be selected, and the parametric balance of the left and right channels of the main output and rear output can be independently adjusted or jointly adjusted

6. Main output, center output, rear output and subwoofer output can be arbitrarily set to: singing, dancing or automatic

7. Both reverb and echo are equipped with 5-segment parametric equalization.

8. Each channel output has a 0~50ms delay.

9. The microphone has 8 levels of feedback suppression.

10. Main output, center output, subwoofer output, and rear output have a separate limiter function, and the separate interface is unified and adjustable, which is really convenient, fast and efficient. The limiter can protect the sound system well under the large dynamic input of the signal, and it will not affect the sound quality, and it is easy to use.

11. 13 modes can be stored. 14, 15, 16 three modes are factory mode, can only be called, can not be saved Every time it is turned on, it is mode 1, the mode is called, and all parameters are adjusted together.

12. Built-in management mode and user mode: the management mode cannot be stored after adjusting the parameters.

13. This machine has a full-featured menu, which can also be set through the PC interface. The machine can be connected to a computer through a data cable or WIFI connection,

14. Three-way audio input: one lotus port, one card balance port, one optical fiber port, which can meet various application scenarios.

15. The local PC interface is free of installation and driver-free

16. The machine has 3-layer engineering lock and PC-connected password lock function. When the machine panel is locked, the PC interface connection must be

You need to enter the key lock password to connect to the machine.