Professional multi-channel power amplifier, the first choice for performances and parties

The power supply is powered by a transformer, and the power amplification part is a digital amplifier circuit (class D), which has the characteristics of high efficiency, small size, high power and light weight.

The whole machine adopts high-precision, high-consistency SMD components, military-grade components, and the circuit board is designed with a 4-layer circuit, with strong anti-interference ability.

Perfect protection circuit, can be connected to low-impedance audio and the sound will not change.

The design of the whole machine is simple and elegant, with a 6MM aluminum panel and a 2.8-inch LCD color display, which can display the body temperature, volume, and signal strength in real time.

Harmful signal protection: DC protection, VHF protection, clipping protection

High-performance ADDA converters have high power, light weight and beautiful sound quality, and are widely used in various touring performances, bars, discos, high-end nightclubs,

The first choice for first-class system designers and sound engineers

Technical Parameter
8Ω Stereo power800W×21000W×21300W×21600W×2600W×4800W×41000W×41300W×4
4Ω Stereo power1200W×21400W×21600W×21800W×21200W×41600W×42000W×42600W×4
2Ω Stereo power2400W×23000W×23900W×24500W×22100W×42400W×43000W×43900W×4
ProtectDirect current (DC) protection, short circuit protection, current limiting voltage protection, temperature limiting protection
Total harmonic distortionClipping below 1kHz and 1dB: < 0.09%. THD 20Hz-20kHz 1 Watt: < 0.058%
Signal-to-noise ratio (weighted)>110dB
Channel isolation (1KHZ)>70dB
Frequency response20Hz-20KHz/±0.05dB
Damping coefficient> 400 8oh /1Khz
Input resistanceBalanced/Unbalanced: 20/10 kohm
Amplifier gain34 dB
Analog channel3-pin XLR (with 2x3 audio link output)
Electronically balanced inputNEUTRIK terminal
Output connectionspeakon Neutrik (2 x nlt4) (NEUTRIK terminal)
Leng QunFront and rear airflow, temperature control speed
Power ON/OFFSingle switch on front panel
Control1 level fader per channel
Indicator lightIndependent LED indicator for each channel
Nominal voltage220 Volt AC 50 Hz
Operating Voltage190-250V AC
Soft Start/PowerSupport
Body size (H×W×D)88×483×488