Based on powerful DSP digital audio processor, it is an ideal choice for engineering installation applications, it combines the functions of traditional equipment with remote control capabilities, especially suitable for party rooms, electronic music rooms, bars, hi rooms, and Performance and sound reinforcement system.

Extraordinary sound quality performance. Based on the 192kHz digital sampling rate, it provides an audio bandwidth of more than 35kHz. The high-frequency resolution performance is delicate, the frequency domain expansion is wide, and the audio content is truly restored. Supports linkage adjustment between channels, supports optional security lock settings, supports Extended Simple Remote Communication Protocol

◆3, 4 balanced input, 6, 8 balanced output.

◆56-bit DSP chip processing, 192K sampling, 24bit AD/DA conversion;

◆Input channel functions include:


Phase (Polarity)

Delay (Delay)

31-band graphic equalizer (GraphicEQ)

15-segment Multi-Type Filter


◆Output channel functions include:


Phase (Polarity)

Delay (Delay)

Crossover filter (Xover)

15-segment Multi-Type Filter


◆Fine delay adjustment. Minimum 5uS (0.1cm) adjustment step.

Input maximum delay 1300mS (446 meters)

Output maximum delay 680mS (233 meters)

◆Multifunctional filter type:

Parametric Equalizer (PEQ)

1st order high shelving filter (HiShelf - 6dB)

2nd order high shelving filter (HiShelf-12dB)

Variable Q shelving filter (HiShelf-Q)

1st order low shelving filter (LoShelf - 6dB)

2nd order low shelving filter (LoShelf - 12dB)

Variable Q shelving filter (LoShelf-Q)

First-order all-pass filter (Allpass-90)

Second-order all-pass filter (Allpass-180)

Bandpass filter


Variable Q high-pass filter (Highpass VariQ)

Variable Q low-pass filter (Lowpass VariQ)

◆Filter frequency adjustment step 1Hz precision.

◆Crossover filter type: Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz-Riley, the maximum slope supports 48dB/Oct.

◆Limiter Threshold: -20dB to +22dBu

◆Input and output channel support:

Parameter linkage adjustment function

Channel parameter copy function

◆Computer software provides:

Single output channel speaker parameter management function (save and recall)

Batch export and import of device presets

In factory mode, support speaker manufacturer parameter lock hiding (intellectual property protection)

Under administrator privileges, you can set the running time (accumulated time) and boot times of the device

◆Optional lock settings

Each processing module of the input and output channels can be individually set to three states (display lock, adjustment lock, and no lock).

◆Support external central control protocol.

Through the RS232 or RS485 port, external third-party devices can send serial command codes to control some functions of the device (preset recall, volume increase or decrease, mute status of each channel).

◆USB, RS232, RS485 control port.

◆Imported Neutrik XLR connector

Technical Parameter
Input section
Input interface4-way, 3-way electronic balance
Impedance10k ohms
Common Mode Rejection Ratio> 65dB (50Hz to 10kHz)
Output section
Output Interface8-way, 6-way electronic balance
Output impedance< 60 ohms
Minimum load600 ohms
Maximum level+22 dBu
Performance parameters
Digital audio sample rate192kHz
Frequency response+/- 0.5dB (20Hz ~ 35kHz)
Distortion<0.006% @1kHz, +4dBu
ADC Dynamic Range (A-Weighted)114dB (20Hz ~ 20kHz)
DAC Dynamic Range (A-Weighted)114dB (20Hz ~ 20kHz)
Input channel parameters
parametric balance15 segment PEQ
Gain-40dB to +6dB (0.1dB steps)
DelayInput 1300ms
Graphic Equalizer GEQSection 31
Noise gate functionNoiseGate
Output channel parameters
Parametric balance15 segment PEQ
Gain-40dB to +15dB (0.1dB steps)
DelayOutput 680ms
Signal routingA, B, C, D
Channel name8 characters long
Multifunctional filter
Filter typeHiShelf-6dB, HiShelf-12dB,HiShelf-Q

LoShelf-6dB,LoShelf-12dB, LoShelf-Q

Allpass-90, Allpass-180,Bandpass

Notch.Highpass VariQ, Lowpass VariQ
Frequency Range20Hz ~ 32.5kHz, (1Hz steps)
Gain-30dB to +15dB, (0.1dB steps)
Bandwidth / Q0,0078 to 2.52 octaves  (Q=0.5 to 128)
Crossover filter
Frequency Range20Hz ~ 32.5kHz, (1Hz steps)
Slope TypeButterworth, Linkwitz Riley, Bessel
Slope range6/12/18/24/36/48dB/Octave
Output limiter
Threshold value-10 to +22 dBu
Start Time0,3ms to 90ms
Release time100ms to 2 second
System parameters
Maximum number of supported user stores50
Delay unitms, m
System lockVarious types of password locks can be set
Display2 x 20 character LCD
level indicator6 segment digital tube display
Level indication modelevel or limiter attenuation
Channel linkage controlSupport
LCD contrast adjustmentSupport
LED brightness adjustmentSupport
Extended Simple Remote Communication ProtocolSupport
Firmware upgradeSupport
Audio input and output connector type4 pin XLR
USBSquare port USB holder
RS-232DB-9 female seat
Power supplyStandard IEC socket
Power requirements~220 VAC transformer
Size44 x 482 x 285 mm